Tales of our Times

Chris Jarrett
Tales of our Times
CD, Centaur Records, CRC3600

1) The Darkening
2) Autumn Music (Hommage a Scriabin)
3) Blues Berceuse
4) Jazz Dungeons
5) Andante Cantabile (from Hommage a Mozart)
6) Fractures
7) Gloomy Chanting
8) Scherzo
9) Slavic Dance (from 2 Slavic Dances)
10) Introduction and Solemn March

"Through the combination of several piano layers in 'The Darkening', his playing creates something really new (and at the same time gives us a deep impression of his pianistic approach) which, however, in its supposed alienation, purifies and yet deepens musical dimension. Jarrett's work could find new listeners, who would, of course, have to be prepared to take part in restrained but deep emotional expression. Impressive."
Piano News, Germany