New Journeys

Chris Jarrett
New Journeys
CD, atrius records

"I have only very seldom had the opportunity to play the organ. Outside of two solo pieces which I performed once, and an organ part in my oratorio "Salvations 3?" I have - until now - had little contact with the instrument at all. On the 11th of July, 2014 I began a new journey, experimenting with the improvisational possibilities of the Beckerath organ in Herxheim, Germany. There was no music written on the papers in front of me - just the numbers of some of the stops I had chosen to use during the several rehearsals I had had before the concert. At least 80 percent of the music was never played before - a small part of it I had tried out on the organ during my "test-rehearsals" and decided to reuse it during the performance. Bon voyage."
Chris Jarrett (3.09.14)

"But before long, a real 'tour de force' began to develop, apocalyptical clusters of sound, musical battles - but also including highly sensitive sections. These are absolutely free improvisations, spontaneous creations, often leading to larger polyphonic structures, enriched with many quotes and allusions - and yet literally born in the spur of the moment. Musical logic flows through these 'new journeys' with endless creative energy."
Die Rheinpfalz, Ludwigshafen