• Six Hölderlin Songs

    The "Six Hölderlin Songs" (2020) by Chris Jarrett were composed for the 250th anniversary of the birth of the German poet Friedrich Hölderlin (1770-1843), but the global health crisis hindered the premiere. The composer Chris Jarrett and his singing and reciting colleague Orlando Schenk have construed a musical and poetical rendez-vous with Hölderlin which can be enjoyed in any year and on any occaision.



  • Four Free

    With "Four Free" anything can happen. These musicians are so completely at home in the world of spontaneity, that they may shift gears and change roads without warning and end up in another musical universe before the piece finds it's end.

  • Variations - with Erwin Ditzner

    What happens if you take two worldwide working musicians with a strong creative bent, both of whom are renowned for the unusual usage of their respective instruments, and let them perform together as a duo?

  • Hommage a Mozart - with Martina Cukrov Jarrett

    This first pianistic collaboration of the couple Martina and Chris Jarrett is made up of newly-interpreted piano music by Mozart, but also of new works inspired by the mastery of the Austrian composer.

  • John Donne

    "John Donne" is not only an opera about the life of a genius (John Donne, English poet, 1572-1631) in a time of great societal changes - it asks questions about the results of political repression, and about the moral limits of adaptability; but also about the power of compromise and self-sacrifice.